About Us

Michael V. Parker

President & Member

Justin Harper

CEO & Member

Our Story

Athletic Junction is governed by Michael Parker and Justin Harper.  Their nationally ranked business school education and experience competing at the collegiate and professional sports level grants a unique perspective of which they apply to the Athletic Junction brand.  In life there are choices to be made when we arrive at the forks in the road.  These moments reveal themselves everyday.  From practice to game time, from classrooms to board meetings, the playing field is your life.

  • Brand Strategy 90%
  • Internet Marketing 80%
  • App Development 75%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Athletic Junction embodies making the RIGHT decisions when faced with the crossroads of life.  We also offer AJ Spirit Gear for all!  Athletic Junction’s affordable high quality fan based clothing for high schools, colleges, and athletic leagues epitomizes the pride each supporter has for their team.  Our brand is fashioned by entertainers and pro athletes who embrace their journey with our lifestyle apparel.  We invite you to #EmbraceYourJourney with #AthleticJunction!